Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Ahhh, my studio is clean, well clean-ish! Sometimes the clutter just gets too bad and you are ready to part with little drawings and various papers, old brushes that you really will never use. Today was that day and it's a great feeling to have it done. My studio is pretty small though so there's always need for more room especially since the paintings are piling up! But for now I'm thrilled! Oh, and Zoe thinks it's pretty great too!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!


  1. I am happy you are having a good day! Wish we could visit when we were together last time :) Oh how I miss you so much! I Love You always and always you will be with me :) My sweet Kina...

  2. We definitely need to see each other soon! We're planning on a trip down in the fall. I love always and miss you too!!!