Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Work

We're a month into the new year and things are moving forward. Lately I've been working on some children's illustrations aside from my wildlife art. My first piece is titled "Captain Blackbeard Chickadee". It's 8" x 8" and was partially painted digitally, I then printed it out onto a cold pressed watercolor paper, sealed it and painted with acrylics. I have to admit that it turned out beautifully and was so much fun from beginning to end.

The second piece is not as far along but is a much more complex piece. It's 13" x 19" and I did virtually the same method as with the Blackbeard piece. I completed the original drawing, took it into Photoshop and adjusted the line art to a nice reddish brown then set it as a multiply layer. On another layer I added in all of my values in the same brown tone. Once I was satisfied with it I took a high quality Strathmore drawing paper (can't remember just what kind) and I cut it to size. Then I printed my layout at about 55% onto the paper. After it dried it was then ready to adhere to a sheet of masonite with acrylic matte medium. So now that stage is done and the whole thing is drying. Tomorrow I'll trim the bit of excess paper and begin painting! Right now the working title is "Little Satyr and the Spirit Fish" but I'm not sure that's a keeper.